Sell your band shirts free!

Do you want to sell your full color shirt designs at Primitive Recordings? No problem!

Get in touch with us using the form below and we’ll discuss getting your design plugged into the system.

Some quick answers:

  • First and foremost, no illegal content, bootlegs, illegal images of any sort. We can deny anything at our discretion. Don’t get us wrong though, our place will print some naughty stuff 🙂 Take a look at things in the store and you’ll get an idea of what flies.

  • Is there any cost?

    • No. We’ll do the work of setting up your design’s artwork (from PNG you send) for printing and the product page previews. You need to provide the typed description as well.
  • Is Primitive Recordings accepting all shirt designs submitted?

    • Not right now. We really want to carry your full color jobs, logos, and any art that really pops. Feel free to get in touch regardless though we’ll decide. (Really this is here so you guys don’t expect to dump a 100 shirts designs on us at once and have us add all those products. Let’s take it slow and get you selling 1 or 2 designs before we add everything you have.)
  • Do I have to do anything after Primitive Recordings sets up a design for me?

    • No. We handle everything! We take the order, get the shirt printed, ship to your customer, and pay you via PayPal!
  • How much will I earn?

    • You’ll get about $3-7 per garment sent to your PayPal depending on what sells and if there’s a coupon used!
  • How do I get paid? Can you split the payments?

    • You get paid through PayPal and yes you can split the payments to your band members directly. We’ve got a nice snazzy form that lets you enter a list of emails and percentages as well as everything else you need to send us.
  • What do I need to provide?

    • A PNG file with transparency (alpha channel) in at least 150 dpi and 14″ x 16″ max print area. Prints are sized down for girly shirts, hoodie fronts, small tanks, etc.
    • A title, description, tags, etc. for your product
    • Email addresses to get paid!
  • Can I do 2 sided shirts?

    • Yes. They will cost $7 extra to your customers, you make the same profit as one sided. This is purely cost, we don’t make anything (in fact if I paid closer attention we probably lose a couple pennies compared to single sided. You don’t tell and I won’t tell either 😛 ).
  • What about hoodies?

    • We will offer your design on hoodies and you can provide a front print (like a logo, chest print, etc.) and your primary design will go on the back. Again, look at some hoodies on the site to see what we’re talking about.
  • What kind of shirts can Primitive Recordings print on for my design?

    • We’ll offer your design on any of the following at our discretion depending on the design: Black, White, Red, Green, Blue T’s, Baby Dolls, Hoodies, Raglans, Tanks, and more (maybe 😛 ) We use Gildan, Jerzeez, Fruit of the Loom Lofteez HD, and Champion depending on the garment style.

Request to sell designs

Request form to sell your designs in the Primitive Recordings online store.
  • Enter your email.
  • If your a band put your band name, if your an artist put your professional name here.
  • Enter your Primitive Recordings username you want attached.
  • Enter a link to your art or band page if you have one so we can get an idea of what your looking to sell.
  • Who the hell are you anyway? 😛 Give us a little info about who your are. Are you on a label? Mention that. How many releases do you have out? Are you the guitarist? That kinda stuff.
  • Are you human? Pretend just this once.