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  • Darkest Day Of Horror (12″ Gatefold LP)

    FIRST TIME ON GATEFOLD VINYL! Pressed on Blue/Green "split colored" vinyl, traditional black vinyl and only 111 copies on Picture Disc. All 3 versions come in a gatefold cover.

    Heinous horror-lords Mortician reanimate the golden age of low-budget splatter, hammering home gruesome anti-music. Darkest Day of Horror is pure sonic zombification as terror-filled atmospheres, hyperspeed rhythms, subterranean blower bass and neanderthal-like vocals annihilate with no concern for subtlety or musical nuance. You may as well dig your grave in anticipation as the heaviest death metal band on the planet delivers devastating digital damage at vicious, violent volumes.

    $19.99 $18.99 Select options

  • Hacked Up For Barbecue Mug

    Hacked Up For Barbecue custom design on an 11oz or 15oz black coffee mug!

    Too cool!

    $12.99$14.49 Select options

Recent Metal

  • BloodLogoPatch45

    Blood Drip Logo Woven Die Cut Patch

    Sale!$7.00 $5.99
  • SliceBanner

    Defiler Of The Dead (Slice) BANNER

    Sale!$15.99 $13.99
  • DDOHVinyl2

    Darkest Day Of Horror (12″ Gatefold LP)

    Sale!$19.99 $18.99
  • img20161023_19331573

    House by the Cemetery Original Version EP

  • MorticianAxeImportT

    Axe Import Design

  • 2017-01-19 18.08.13b

    Mortal Massacre Design 2

  • Prosthetic Cunt Blatant Money Grab

    Blatant Money Grab

    Sale!$13.99 $9.99
  • 2016-12-03-14-23-21

    Hacked Up For Barbecue Mug

  • 2016-12-03-14-24-55

    Chainsaw Dismemberment Mug

  • 2016-12-03-14-22-57

    House by the Cemetery Mug

  • ghoulishgigsver1

    Ghoulish Gigs

    Sale!$19.99 $14.99
  • prt-0053-vhs-colorlogo

    Violent Homicidal Slasher Logo

  • prt-0052-morticianxmassweater-preview

    Bad Christmas Sweater

  • prt-0051-mortician-fromthecasket

    From the Casket Design

  • mortician-hbtc-24x36

    House by the Cemetery 24×36 Poster

  • prt-0050-morticiandemo90

    Demo 1990 Design

  • re-animated-dead-flesh-24x36-poster

    Re-Animated Dead Flesh Poster 24″ x 36″

  • rompepropgcts-fr

    Gargle Cumics T-Shirt

    Sale!$20.00$23.00 $13.00$15.00
  • gsp-n0029-kindmind

    Kind Mind Design

  • gsp-n0046-blackmetalcat-preview

    Black Metal Cat Design

  • gsp-n0035-deathmetalcat

    Death Metal Cat Design

  • prt-0049

    Pentagram Pot Leaf Design

  • prt-0048-pentagram-cross

    Pentagram Upside Down Cross Design

  • prt-0047-medicalmj

    Marijuana Upside Down Cross Design

  • prt-0046-pentagram-preview

    Pentagram Design


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We’ve got our own Auctions page now!

Hey freaks, Roger here… the head dummy in charge of death metal Auctions!

As you know, we here at Primitive Recordings hate big corporations. Some people say you have to use something like eBay if you want to auction things off. We say “to hell with that”. We literally say that around here (usually to the cats and they don’t care… they’re more into Etsy). Continue reading We’ve got our own Auctions page now!