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    Baphomet Design

    Killer high quality "Baphomet" design.

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    Sentenced To Fire

    Magguts is a Grindcore/Death Metal band hailing from the City of Tucson, AZ that brings an old school Grind, Death Metal, Thrash, Crust sound in the vein of legends like Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Phobia, Nausea, etc. with a splash of old school punk! Killer cover artwork done by Shelly Dawn Taylor (AZDM State Treasurer)

    13 tracks of sickness brought to you by Redrum Records

    Check out their reverb nation page to sample 4 tracks:

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We’ve got our own Auctions page now!


Hey freaks, Roger here… the head dummy in charge of death metal Auctions!

As you know, we here at Primitive Recordings hate big corporations. Some people say you have to use something like eBay if you want to auction things off. We say “to hell with that”. We literally say that around here (usually to the cats and they don’t care… they’re more into Etsy). Continue reading We’ve got our own Auctions page now!