Darkest Day Of Horror Limited Tour Edition 2002

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Holy crap! That’s right! We found some more of these in one of those old stock boxes! (there’s more boxes too, have to get out of storage in NY later in the year)

This is Mortician’s Darkest Day Of Horror Limited (1000) Tour Edition 2002!

We pressed this right before going out on that tour that year because Relapse was taking too long with art and schedules etc so we just pressed it in this raw form.

This was the last release we did for Relapse as after this we left the label over scheduling issues and art control.

This marks the release that started Mortician Records and marked our departure from working with Relapse at the time. We’ve since made nice with Relapse again and are doing some work with them on old stuff so no stupid rumors please, we’re all cool.

This represents the absolute LAST of the stock on these as I’m positive this was the last few we had.

1. Audra 2. Slowly Eaten 3. The Bloodseekers 4. Voodoo Curse 5. Massacred 6. Human Puzzle 7. Chopped To Pieces 8. Revenge 9. Mangled 10. Dead And Buried 11. Darkest Day Of Horror 12. Rampage 13. Cannibalistic Fiends 14. Carving Flesh 15. Ghost House 16. Vaporized 17. Pledge Night Of Death 18. Taste For Blood 19. Disintegrated 20. The Final Sacrifice


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