Time Displacement Limited to 500 Digipak

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Time Displacement by Primitive Brutality

Primitive Brutality “Time Displacement” Hand Numbered Digipak Limited to 500 copies!!!”Well this only took 15 years to get out 😉 ” – RJB

Primitive Brutality is the work of Roger Beaujard (Bits of Gore, Mortician, ex-Malignancy, Womp Rat, GRIND.bot, etc.) “Time Displacement” was originally a collection of demo songs done a few here, a few there, from 1999 to 2013 or so, but has now evolved into the first “real” release for Primitive Brutality. All the songs were re-recorded from October to November 2014 including some riffs and parts of songs that go waaaaaaayyyyy back to the mid-early 90’s. So bottom line if you like old school death metal give it a listen and grab yourself a copy. This is a limited edition of 500 and is hand numbered by our crack team of monkeys. So buy it up before it’s gone.

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