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In the late 2000s, everybody thought Solstice was done. And it was a shame too, considering the exploding quality of the two albums they had released in the first half of the 90’s: “Solstice” and “Pray”. It was the death/thrash perfect fusion, done the Florida way, that they helped forge in those two plates.It turns out, it was not the end for the Miami band.

They resurged surprisingly in 2009 with a new, reformed line-up that included the new drummer Brian Harris (Foul Stench, and later had a stint in Firewind), which joined the previous steady team of guitarist/vocalist Christian Rudes, guitarist Dennis Munoz and bassist Garret Scott. And this new line-up came firing all cylinders in “To Dust”, their third studio album.

With an “all-killers, no-fillers” attitude, they packed ten songs (and an amazing Cynic “Extremes” cover version) full of memorable riffs, unpredictable time changes and amazing solos. It was an album that exposed the averageness of most of the so called “death/thrash” bands in the 00’s. And, although the history of Solstice kept going in stop-motion for the remaining years of their career, “To Dust” remains as one of the strongest entries in their discography and one of the best death/thrash metal albums in the genre history.
released February 25, 2022
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