David Vampire The Lost Boys 3 3/4-Inch ReAction Figure

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The Lost Boys David Vampire 3 3/4-Inch ReAction Figure:

“You’ll never grow old…and you’ll never die, but you must feed!” David knows there’s a lot of upside to being a vampire, but it comes at a terrible cost! Packaged on a special upside-down cardback, this 3 3/4-inch articulated The Lost Boys ReAction figure of David shows him in his vampire form, complete with snarling expression, exposed fangs, and red eyes, as well as burning hand detail from when he tried to capture Sam and the Frog brothers leaving his lair. Don’t wait for him to try to trick you into joining his crew of vampires! Add The Lost Boys ReAction figure of vampire David to your collection so you can keep an eye on him and prevent any vampire-making shenanigans. Ages 17 and up.

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