Misanthropic Hallucination CD

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‘Misanthropic Hallucination’ is the first full length studio album from Prophecy of Suffering (brothers Jamison and Mitchell Parker, formerly known as Chaotic End).

The concept of this album is based on the idea of a post-apocalyptic world in which the few remaining inhabitants are forced into a primal way of life in order to survive. The land has become a vast, unending wilderness previously destroyed by the careless ways of modern humanity. Everything that was once a thriving civilization has become overgrown and taken back by nature. The inhabitants endlessly roam this wild landscape in the hopes of continuing their existence, but they ultimately will face the challenges of our primitive ancestors. This concept is reflective of what we will see as modern humans if we continue on our path of selfish destruction of the natural world.

The main musical inspiration for this album is the complex, riff heavy writing style of early 2000s U.S. brutal/tech death metal. We wanted to write an album that creates its own unique aura through a maze of atypical drum patterns and motif driven riffs to achieve an obscure world within the music. We sincerely hope you enjoy this album for years to come.

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