Sliced From Foreskin to Perineum Tape (Pink)

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one dude from the 610 lost in SoCal writing short heavy songs about fucking and zombies… and fucking zombies.

1. Blister On My Dick
2.bMake America Eat Ass
3. Razorblade Buttplug
4. S.T.Demon
5. Penis Flytrap
6. Broken Bottle Castration
7. Mommy, Can I Pull Out and Cum Tonight?
8. Abstinence Makes The Church Grow Fondlers
9. Confessional Gloryhole
10. F Is For Facial
11. Labia Manura
12. Cereal Gapist
13. I Waxed My Ass Crack For This?
14. Scrotum Totem
15. Begging For A Pegging

released October 31, 2023

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